2023-2024 College Catalog

Campus Technology


One-click access to all of Rock Valley College’s most used Web resources is available at: RockValleyCollege.edu/MyRVC.

At “MyRVC” you will find links to:

• Self Service
• RVC Student Mail    
• Engage    
• College Catalog
• Student Handbook
• Course Schedule
RVC Alerts

You can also access “MyRVC” from any page on the RVC website (RockValleyCollege.edu) by clicking on the “MyRVC” text in the header of the website.

RVC Self Service

A wide variety of options and services are available at: RockValleyCollege.edu/MyRVC.

Students can register for classes, review their class schedule, search for available courses, pay their bill, review grades, review/request transcripts, review their financial aid status, update address information, and more.

To access Self Service, students will need a student I.D. number (your “s” I.D. number) and password.

RVC Student Password Policy

All new students will be given a username and password that will work for RVC resources including RVC EAGLE, RVC Mail, Self Service and logging on to RVC campus computers. If you do not remember the password, contact the Admissions department or the Welcome Center for a password reset link at (815) 921-4000; or RVC-Admissions@RockValleyCollege.edu. Please provide your student I.D. number. It is the responsibility of all users of college IT systems to safeguard their passwords and their use of such systems. It is strongly recommended that students do not share their I.D. and password to adhere to RVC’s Computer Use Policy.

RVC EAGLE Learning Management System

(815) 921-4646
Located: Educational Resource Center (ERC) - second floor outside the Library - Room 2402 (on the CLII side of the building)
Website: RockValleyCollege.edu/LMS

The Learning Management System (LMS) used in courses at Rock Valley College is called EAGLE. It can be used to submit homework, discuss course topics, complete exams and for course-related communication. Students can use the EAGLE notification interface to request help from their instructors or to discuss topics with other students enrolled in the same course. All students enrolled in RVC credit classes are given EAGLE Accounts.

RVC Mail (Gmail)

Rock Valley College has a student email system that allows students to interact not only with each other, but also allows campus offices to communicate information to students.

It is important for students to access their RVC Mail account every 24 hours in order to stay informed regarding:
• important dates
• course waitlist information
• campus events

Students may access this email system by logging onto: Mail.Student.RockValleyCollege.edu

All students enrolled in RVC credit courses are issued a free RVC Mail account. Technical Support for RVC Mail is located in the EAGLE Support area in ERC-2402.

The format for RVC mail is: first letter of first name+first letter of middle name+last name@Student.RockValleyCollege.edu.
Example – John M. Smith would be JMSmith@Student.RockValleyCollege.edu.


Rock Valley College’s wireless network provides mobile Internet access for students, faculty, and staff from the wireless access points located throughout the college. Employees and students with network accounts access the Internet using WiFi capable personal devices (tablets, phones, laptops). Log in using your browser and network account.
Go to: RockValleyCollege.edu/WiFi for instructions.

Microsoft Office 365

As an RVC student, you can install Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus for FREE on your personal computers and mobile devices. Office 365 ProPlus includes full versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote, and can be installed on up to five personally owned PCs/Macs and up to five mobile devices, including iOS and Android devices. You will need your student I.D. number (your s#) and your network password.
Go to: RockValleyCollege.edu/Office365.

First Year Experience (FYE) Tech Connect Session

(815) 921-4094

This session introduces RVC Online Services and RVC Eagle. Students must have completed the RVC enrollment form and have registered for classes prior to attending the session. Register for a Tech Connect Session at: RockValleyCollege.edu/FYE.

Center for Instructional Design, Teaching, and Innovation (CITI)

The Center for Instructional Design, Teaching, and Innovation supports the instructional supports the instructional development of face to face, online, and hybrid courses. The mission of the CITI team is to (a) maximize educational opportunities for all students including those seeking transfer degrees, career and technical education and basic skill training resulting in certificates, (b) provide greater access to higher education for our community and students through online technology, and (c) support faculty and students in the implementation of emerging technologies for all learning modalities.

Distance Learning - Online Classes & Hybrid Courses

Distance Learning: refers to education that takes place with the students and instructor in different locations. At Rock Valley College, the primary options for distance learning are online courses, and hybrid courses.

Online Courses: are offered via the Internet, but may have required campus visits determined by the course instructor. The course materials, such as syllabi, assignments, lectures, writing prompts, and activities are all posted within EAGLE and are designed and controlled by the instructor. Students work on the course materials independently, reading the texts and lectures and completing assignments. Students also participate in class discussions and conferences online, both in real time (synchronous) and in a bulletinboard format (asynchronous). Students may take tests and submit assignments through EAGLE, but some instructors will require students to come to campus to complete their exams.

Hybrid Courses: combine traditional classroom instruction with online instruction. A hybrid course is an online course that requires students to also attend sessions on campus. The number and type of campus meetings vary from one course to another.

To see a list of available courses, go to Online Course Schedule at: RockValleyCollege.edu/Courses.

Information Technology (IT)

The Information Technology department has responsibility for designing, implementing, and maintaining Rock Valley College’s voice, video, and data systems, for both academic and administrative purposes.

Computer Labs

RVC has many different computer labs used for classroom instruction. There are two labs that students can use outside of the formal classroom setting. All labs contain computers with Internet and EAGLE access, and standard software, as well as printers for student use.

There are computers available for student use on the Main Campus:
Educational Resource Center (ERC) Inside the Library, first floor, in the “Information Commons” Area.
Woodward Technology Center (WTC), first floor, in Room 1100. A computer lab assistant or student worker is available, in the Woodward Technology Center (WTC) lab, to assist students by answering questions and assisting with computer functions.

For more information, call the IT Service Desk at (815) 921-4800.

Other RVC locations:
RVC Downtown (RVCD) – Second Floor, Study Room 2114. For more information, call the RVCD at (815) 921-4290
Advanced Technology Center (ATC) – Rooms 1310 & 1312 For more information, call (815) 921-4297

Computer Use Policy

All Rock Valley College computer hardware and software may be used only in accordance with established rules and procedures. It is the responsibility of all users of the Rock Valley College computer systems to adhere to the “Acceptable Use of RVC Information Technology Systems” for use of RVC Information Technology resources as outlined. See the complete policy posted at: