EET-141 DC/AC Circuits and Electronics I

DC and AC Circuits and Electronics I develops techniques for circuit analysis and introduces electronic devices. Topics include: units and number notation, significant digits and rounding. Electrical charge, energy, current, voltage, resistance, and Ohm's law are studied. Electrical conductors and wire tables, fuses and circuit breakers, are covered. Voltage and current sources are defined. Solid-state physics, rectifier and zener diodes, thermistors, positive tempco resistors, and optoelectronic devices are presented. Kirchhoff's current and voltage laws including their application in the mesh and nodal analysis techniques are examined. The sine wave and diode application circuits are covered. Superposition, Thevenin's theorem, and Norton's theorem are used. Bipolar junction transistors are introduced including their use as amplifiers and switches. Capacitors, inductors, energy storage and transient analysis are included. Laboratory activities include learning to use the digital multimeter, DC power supplies, signal generators, and the oscilloscope. Laboratory activities also include using EDA (Electronic Design Automation) via Multisim. Laboratory documentation employing Microsoft Word and Excel is also explained.




Previous or concurrent enrollment in MTH-100, MTH-120, MTH-125, or MTH-132, or instructor consent.

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