EET-168 Electronic Engineering Technology Internship

EET Internship requires a supervised experience in the field of electronic engineering technology using a cooperative training plan agreed to by the instructor, participating firm, and student. The student must submit an application to the instructor prior to mid-term of the previous semester and requires consent of the instructor or the Associate Dean. Variable and repeatable credit up to 6 credit hours may be earned. To comply with ICCB requirements, the number of clock hours spent at the firm must comply with the table below. The Illinois Community College Board will permit 62.5 clock hours per credit for non-clinical internships. If EET-168 is taken for 2 credits, then we must document 125 clock hours for the experience.


Clock Hours 

15 Weeks (Fall or Spring) 

8 Weeks (Summer)



 4.2 Hrs/Wk

 7.9 Hrs/Wk



 8.4 Hrs/Wk

 15.7 Hrs/Wk



 12.5 Hrs/Wk

 23.5 Hrs/Wk



 16.7 Hrs/Wk

 31.3 Hrs/Wk



 20.9 Hrs/Wk

 39.1 Hrs/Wk



 25 Hrs/Wk

 46.9 Hrs/Wk

According to the Administrative Rules of the ICCB, page 41, Section 1501.309a - "Students who participate in nonclinical internship, practicum, or on-the-job supervised instruction shall receive on semester credit hour (or equivalent) for each 75-149 contact hours per semester.". For example, 5 contact hours/credit X 15 weeks = 75 contact hours. Since 1 credit is 5 contact hours is the minimum per credit while 9.93 contact hours is the maximum. Hence, 75 contact hours X 50 minutes = 3750 minutes and 3750 minutes / 60 minutes per hour = 62.5 clock hours per credit. Other equivalencies are summarized in the table.




Current enrollment in the Electronic Engineering Technology curriculum, successful completion of at least 20 credits in EET courses, and sophomore class standing.

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