2023-2024 College Catalog

SPN-Modern Language

In which level of foreign language study should a student enroll?

If a student has taken a foreign language in high school within the last three years, use this simple formula:

  • Multiply the number of semesters of high school foreign language study by the numeric equivalent of the grade earned (A=4; B=3; C=1; D=0; F=0).

  • Then divide the total by 2.

  • If the total is:
    0 - 2.5 enroll in 101
    3 - 4.5 enroll in 102
    5 - 9.5 enroll in 203
    10 - 12.5 enroll in 204
    13 - 16 enroll in 205

If students place into a course above 101, they may petition to receive the equivalent college credits for the course or courses they did not have to take at RVC. Upon successful completion (a grade of B or better) of the advanced course, students can request retroactive credit for the lower class. Contact the Modern Languages Department for full details.